Risk Management & Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Information


It is the City’s policy to insure the timely payment of all Workers’ Compensation benefits provided for by state statute, City ordinances and union contract provisions; to promote appropriate medical care; and to safely return injured employees to the workplace as soon as possible.


It is the employee’s responsibility to promptly call the Worker's Compensation Call-in Line (844-847-8709) if you’ve been involved in an accident at work or if your medical provider feels that you’re suffering from a work-related illness.

If you receive medical care, it is the employee's responsibility to keep your supervisor informed of your medical status (as it relates to your ability to return to work). Each time you see a medical provider, you must have them complete a Medical Status Report and return it to your supervisor immediately. The information provided in this form will help your supervisor to determine the type of work you may safely perform while in the healing process, and when they may anticipate your return to full duty.

Further, it is the employee's responsibility to provide medical documentation for any related time loss so that it may be charged to your workers’ compensation claim. Your supervisor, Payroll Clerk or the Finance Department should be able to provide any required forms.

Return to Work

The City actively promotes the return of injured employees to the workplace. Your medical provider should know that the City is generally able to temporarily modify your assignment, or assign you other work consistent with your medical restrictions.


If your injury is determined to be work-related, all directly related medical expenses become the City’s responsibility and all bills should be forwarded to WMMIC for payment.

If it is determined that you cannot work, you will continue to be paid consistent with the state statutes and governing union contracts provisions (with generally no waiting period for permanent employees).

Depending on the nature of your injury you may also be eligible for other types of payments and reimbursements. A WMMIC claims representative at (608) 852-8645 will be able to advise you on your benefits and respond to any questions you may have.


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