As part of the work of the Government Services Recovery Team, the Initiatives Inventory was released in 2022 to establish an agreed upon set of citywide initiatives that break down silos and work together to meet the needs of our staff and residents. For the purposes of this effort, an initiative is defined as work involving two or more City agencies. Creation of the Initiatives Inventory is a first step to track and align citywide efforts aimed at creating shared outcomes for Madison staff and residents.

List of Initiatives

Twelve initiatives were identified as part of this inventory:

  1. Data Governance
  2. Imagine Madison Comprehensive Plan
  3. Innovation Team
  4. Latinx Community Engagement Team (LCET)
  5. Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC)
  6. Neighborhood Resource Teams (NRT)
  7. Performance Excellence
  8. Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative
  9. Recovery Steering Committee
  10. Results Madison
  11. Sustainability Team
  12. Women's Initiative Committee (WIC)


Access the Inventory

The inventory describes details of each initiative including points of contact, needs, and resources.

Inititiatves Inventory


Immediate Use Cases

The Initiatives Inventory is envisioned to be used immediately in the following ways:

  1. Work Planning: As agencies plan their work for the next year, managers may consult this inventory to give you a head start in designing work plans in alignment with City values and other organizational efforts.
  2. Onboarding: City staff can be introduced to the organization with knowledge of the citywide efforts noted in the Initiatives Inventory
  3. Employee Check-ins and Employee Development: City managers and staff can use the Initiatives Inventory when conducting the annual employee check-in and may consider outreach to initiatives leads for inclusion in these efforts as a means for staff development


Background Memo & Next Steps

  • Memo: This memo, issued to Mayor's Management Team at the February 1, 2022 meeting, describes the process and background on this effort in greater detail.
  • Next Steps: Phase two of this work seeks to bring these citywide initiatives from the margins into the center; simplifying by mapping the work of the initiatives to create efficiencies. This will include developing a shared understanding of how to streamline the work (e.g. goalsetting, tracking progress for accountability, and communication to celebrate accomplishments).


If you have questions or are interested in participating in phase two, the work of Government Services Recovery Team, or Peformance Excellence more broadly, please reach out to Kara Kratowicz, Performance Excellence Specialist (