The National Employee Survey is about the work environment of the City of Madison. A quality work environment is a workplace which is not simply acceptable, but that is desirable. It is not only where people do work, but where they want to work. Results of this and other surveys will help the City embody the vision of being Inclusive, Innovative & Thriving.

City of Madison Recommendations Summary

NES Workplace Report

NES Comparison by Demographic Characteristics Report

NES Technical Appendices

  1. Collect Responses

    November 2018

    In November 2018, City employees were invited to complete the Employee Voice Survey, collected and analyzed by the National Research Center (NRC). This survey is intended to serve as a baseline measure of the City of Madison’s for celebrating the work done by the employees of the City of Madison, and improving ways in which we do that work.

    Survey Deployment FAQ
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  2. Understand the Data

    Winter 2019

    The data were presented to the Voice of the Customer Team (VOC) on January 15, 2019. In the intervening weeks, the VOC developed a set of recommendations to help the City understand the data and develop appropriate responses.

    Survey Response FAQ
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    City-wide Reports and Recommendations

    February 2019

    The findings of this comprehensive survey returned both areas for improvement and areas for celebration! Demonstrating continuous improvement requires that we all build upon the momentum provided by the Employee Voice Survey toward the outcomes we seek. Based on the findings, Performance Excellence teams made a series of recommendations to accompany the NES reports.

    City of Madison Recommendations Summary

    NES Workplace Report

    NES Comparison by Demographic Characteristics Report

    NES Technical Appendices

    Department & Division Reports

    March 2019
    • On March 18, 2019, Organizational Development will present department/division specific results to department/division heads.
    • By May 1, 2019, department/division heads will provide Employee Voice Survey Action Plans that outline the departmental response to their reports.
    • Departments/divisions may include in the plan those efforts already under way through other city or department-specific initiatives, such as actions described in equitable workforce plans (e.g., employee mentoring/onboarding; regular department-wide staff meetings, etc.).
    • The results of these plans will inform a larger, Citywide action plan.

    Sample Report

    Link to Reports (available 3/18), Access for Department & Division Heads only

    Action Plan Template

    Employee Voice Survey Action Plan Toolkit

    To help support Division & Department Heads and staff in creating the Employee Voice Survey Action Plan, Organizational Development has developed the following tools:

    Department Needs Assessments

    Before you jump headlong into the Employee Voice Survey Action Plan, it can be helpful to know where you’re starting. The following Needs Assessments can help you gauge your capacity and skill levels so that you know where to turn for resources:

    Full Needs Assessment Toolkits
    Individual Assessment Activities
    Skill Development Sessions

    Once you’ve identified specific areas where you may need more support, be sure to enroll in the Performance Excellence Series courses offered by Organizational Development. These sessions will provide knowledge- and skill-building exercises geared toward completing your Employee Voice Survey Action Plan in ways that showcase your team’s strengths and work to-date, as well as providing concrete, actionable steps for improvement.

    Performance Excellence Series Course Schedule


    Looking for more customized assistance and support? Sign up for a 1-hr consultation session with your HR Analyst or an Organizational Development Specialist to talk through your Action Plan

    Consultation Schedule

    Action Plans

    Getting Started Guide:

    Get a copy of the template and upload your Action Plan:

  3. Take Action

    Response to Department Employee Voice Survey Action Plans

    May 2019
    Action Plan Data Analysis

    Upon collection of Department Employee Voice Survey Action Plans, the City of Madison Organizational Development Unit undertook an analysis of all action items from those submitted by 5/15. The following emerged as themes, across multiple departments.

    • Individual Employee Development
    • Employee Training Opportunities
    • Meeting Improvements
    • Collecting Staff Feedback
    • Communication Planning
    • Employee Recognition
    • Employee Engagement

    While Departments should continue work toward these Action Plan items, City leadership has asked that Departments do not expend time and resources developing NEW systems/responses to these needs. The themes will be addressed by a Citywide Employee Voice Survey Action Plan, a system-level response intended to benefit all agencies.

    June 2019
    Citywide Employee Voice Survey Action Plan

    The City of Madison Recommendations Summary called for the Performance Excellence tasked a Project Team with coordinating a response to the collective themes from the Employee Voice Survey Action Plans submitted by all departments.

    This cross-departmental team will be led by Executive Sponsors Cam McClay, Deputy Mayor for Performance Excellence, and Harper Donahue, Director of Human Resources, and will begin work in June 2019.

    Department/Division Support from Organizational Development

    Citywide planning and change requires time and effort, but we also know our employees cannot wait until we adopt a Citywide Action Plan to address the themes identified above. To help address the need for training, support, and resources to address those (and other Employee Voice Survey high-need) topics, the Organizational Development Unit has aligned future work to more closely meet the City’s immediate needs.

Individual Employee Development

Goal – to create more opportunities for City of Madison employees to build, sustain, and support their own/their teams’ professional development

  • Course: Creating Your Professional Development Plan
  • Course: Supporting Individual Development Plans (Supervisor/Manager) Program: Supervisor Development Program
  • Course: Emotional Intelligence Course: Managing Difficult Employee Situations
  • Course: Bridging Learning Differences

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Employee Training Opportunities

Goal – to realign the remainder of 2019 Organizational Development Course Calendar to address the needs identified in the Employee Voice Survey

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Meeting Improvements Goal – to provide facilitation tools and methods for making team, department, division, cross-departmental, and Citywide meetings more effective
  • Course: Effective Meetings and Facilitation
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Collecting Staff Feedback

Goal – to support departments in planning, implementing, analyzing, and communicating staff feedback

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Communication Planning

Goal – to share industry-standard tools, timelines, and templates for writing internal or externally-facing Communication Plans

  • Course: Creating your Communication Plan
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Employee Recognition and Employee Engagement

Goal – to collaborate in-person and digitally on how to create meaningful recognition programs, celebrate employee and team successes, and engage employees in social and teambuilding activities

  • Coming Fall 2019! Roundtable Discussions
  • Coming Fall 2019! Digital IdeaBank

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