TeamCity Change Leadership

Why are we changing the Department Division Head meeting to TeamCity Change Leadership?

  • TeamCity Change Leadership meetings are created in response to the organizational needs identified in a survey of the 2019 Department Division Head meeting membership.
  • Survey results included the following feedback:
    • Significant desire to continue to have DDH meetings by participants
    • Desire for change to the structure of those meetings to incorporate greater interactivity and to have a stronger vision for the meetings
    • Desire to continue to use these meetings as a vehicle for dissemination of information related to various organizational change initiatives
    • Desire to hear more directly from the Mayor within these meetings about organizational vision and goals and priorities
  • Additional needs identified in an internal review of the Department Division Head meeting include:
    • Greater alignment between the structure and participants of the meetings and content
    • Clear vision and purpose for the meeting tied to the organizational vision and Mayoral priorities
    • Ability to consistently develop leadership competencies related to organizational change and to encourage responsibility for organizational change amongst leaders at all levels
    • A flexible agenda that also allows for implementation of an ongoing leadership learning plan
    • Greater diversity in meeting participants by inclusion of executive, mid-level, initiative or project focused, and emerging leaders

How will the transition to TeamCity Change Leadership take place?

  • TeamCity Change Leadership will kick off at the December 7, 2020 Leadership Forum.
  • Ongoing frequency of the TeamCity Change Leadership will take place via Zoom on a monthly basis, occurring the first Monday of the month not adjacent to a Council Meeting.

What is the vision for the TeamCity Change Leadership meeting?

  • This meeting will serve as a vehicle for leadership capacity-building in organizational change and to call in a diverse group of organizational leaders to the work necessary to make Our Madison Innovative, Inclusive, and Thriving.
  • The content of the meeting will be designed to increase the organizational capacity to address organizational priorities, to increase adherence to best practices related to change management, and to encourage inclusive workplace leadership practices. 

What can I expect from the TeamCity Change Leadership meetings?

  • These meetings will be an interactive virtual space where City leaders learn collaboratively, have honest conversations, and learn from internal and external experts.  Specific content may include:
    • Learning and development related to change management
    • Interactive facilitated discussions related to organizational challenges or Mayoral priorities
    • Individual assessments related to change competencies and leadership skills or practices
    • Small-group collaborative problem solving
    • Organizational assessments related to City’s vision or key initiatives
    • Citywide project launches
    • Report outs or information gathering for team projects

Who is included in these meetings?

  • Mayor & Deputy Mayors, all Agency Heads, and 3-5 individuals identified by the Agency Heads as having led key projects on behalf of the agency or the organization (e.g. agency equity team leaders, Funding and Recovery Team leadership, MAC/WIC/LCET chairs, etc.). 
  • If you are reading this and not yet identified as a Change Leader for the purposes of this meeting series, please connect with your Agency Head for approval. Agency Heads should submit a request to Organizational Development staff, Kara Kratowicz, Performance Excellence Specialist for accommodation.

Who should I contact with other questions about these meetings?



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