Employee Check-In Process


The purpose of check-ins is to allow time for employees and supervisors to talk about the important work employees do, recognize good work, and allow us all to best meet the needs of the City. Check in at least annually with each employee.

When you check-in, make sure you are both using the forms below to communicate consistently around performance and responsibilities.

Take some time to prepare, and then set the meeting using the following schedule:

  • The employee receives the form from the supervisor 2 weeks in advance.
  • The employee and supervisor fill in the two sections prior to the meeting.

When meeting:

  • Use this video to start the conversation. 
  • Make sure to have on hand tools and resources.

Tips to Remember

Snap Pea

The check-in process is an important part of making sure we are able to meet the service needs of our community through our performance. We all have to be on the same page about what expectations are and how to meet them. To do that, we follow a standard process where we:

  • Discuss expectations and set goals.
  • Monitor performance and provide support.
  • Recognize and respond.

These discussions can be challenging, but can also help us continually improve. Remember the following:

  • People show up to work as employees and human beings. Recognize the person first;
  • Empower each other to problem solve and make decisions;
  • Provide choices where possible and ask questions to ensure you are clear about the feedback you’re receiving;
  • Good feedback is necessary. Don’t avoid the tough conversations and be open to hearing difficult feedback;
  • and remain focused on core expectations of service, communication, teamwork, equity and inclusion, and stewardship.

Video: Core Expectations


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