Printable Checklist

This checklist is a general outline of what Supervisors need to do to successfully off-board an employee. 

How to Transition Employees Smoothly 

Employee turnover is an inevitable feature of any workplace - managing these transitions is just as important as onboarding an employee. 

What is Off-Boarding?

Off-boarding manages the employee experience at the end of their tenure with the City of Madison. Off-boarding covers all the steps necessary to successfully part ways with an employee following their resignation or termination. By following the Employee Separation Checklist linked above, we can follow a clear off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition for both the City of Madison and the departing employee. 

The exact process you follow will differ based on the employee's position in the City of Madison, and the nature of their departure. Nevertheless, you'll want to be sure to use the checklist regardless of the situation. It includes a laundry list of to-dos for yourself as a Supervisor, your Agency Payroll contact, your HR Business Analyst, and your IT contact during the exit period. By following the steps indicated in the list, items will be less likely to fall through the cracks - diminishing the opportunity for potential security risks, legal threats, or damaging relationships with outgoing employees.