Welcome, supervisors! This is a directory of information and tools that support you in your day-to-day management work. For information on leadership development, please visit Leadership Programming.

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Partner with Human Resources to recruit and hire new employees.
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Welcoming and Onboarding New Employees

Make your new employees feel welcome and support their integration into your team. Onboarding begins before the first day and continues through their first year.
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Performance Management

Performance Management begins with setting expectations and goals. Then as a supervisor you monitor, support, recognize and respond to your staff every day. The Employee Check-In Process also provides a structured process for goal-setting and feedback.

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Learning and Development

As a supervisor, you have responsibility for your own learning and your team's. We provide free opportunities to grow your management and leadership skills.
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Employee and Labor Relations

  • Accommodations
    We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

  • Leave Administration
    City of Madison policies relating to sick leave, Family and Medical Leave, and parental leave.
  • Supervising Represented Employees
    Employee rights and City of Madison procedures relating to employee unions and associations. This includes information on grievances and arbitration.
  • Misconduct Investigations and Discipline

    Procedures for investigating employee misconduct and issuing discipline.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Information about maintaining a drug-free workplace and drug testing for CDL holders


Other Policies and Procedures

See Policies and Procedures on Employeenet for a full list of policies and work rules in effect.
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Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence gives us a framework and tools to be strategic in our work and connect across teams and agencies. It includes the City of Madison's vision, mission, values, and service promise. Know a City employee who lives and breathes these elements? Check out our #TeamCity Employee Recognition Program to submit nominations and learn more about this program. 
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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

While the EAP is here to help employees with personal issues that may affect work performance, it is also a partner to the organization and to you as a manager who may be dealing with work performance issues such as attendance, attitude, workplace incidents, substance abuse or general productivity. This department is a resource that you can turn to for consultations on situations happening in your workforce unit that you may want either another perspective on as well as possible solutions. Click the button below to read more about Management and Workplace Consultations and Resources from EAP. 

Employee Assistance Program

Equity and Inclusion Resources and Tools

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