Any conference rooms that can be reserved by city personnel are listed in Outlook beginning with "Conf Rm". (For example: Conf Rm CCB Rm 525) Some rooms may not be reserved without calling the managing department. This will be noted on the Resource (conference room) for your information. Please note that you can view, under the Description field, the amenities that the room has.

From your Outlook Calendar:

  1. Go to New > Meeting Request.
  2. Enter invitees and a subject in the To and Subject fields.
  3. On the far right, next to the location field, choose the Rooms button.
  4. Double-click your desired room, and click OK.
  5. Go to Scheduling Assistant at the top of the meeting window. The row for the conference room will be shaded any time it is not available. Make sure the room is available, then choose the desired date and time for the meeting request.
  6. Click Send.

If the conference room is configured to be processed automatically, you will get an automatic reply back from the conference room you booked saying "The resources for the meeting were successfully booked."

If the conference room is configured to be processed manually, you will get an email saying "Your request was received and is pending approval." While your request is pending approval, the requested date and time is marked “tentative” on the conference room calendar. It is marked as “busy” only after the reservation has been approved.