Customers should use this page to access the SharePoint Calendars that were created in place of the Public Outlook calendars. Beginning with Exchange 2013, Public Outlook Calendars are no longer supported by Microsoft.

MS Outlook 2007 should no longer be used to display or do updates to these SharePoint calendars due to syncing issues. You should remove any links to these SharePoint calendars in your Other Calendars section in Outlook at this time.

This does not affect personal calendars or resources such as conference rooms.

Assessor's Office Time Calendar
Civil Rights EOC Trainings
Community Development CDD Admin
Engineering Custodial Services
Downtown Calendar
Emil Street Calendar
Finance Driving Simulator
Human Resources Conference Room
Conference Room 300, MMB
Testing Room
Information Technology IT Training Facility
Metro IS Calendar
Maintenance Calendar
Ops Booking Calendar
Ops Supervisor Calendar
Ops Trainer Calendar
Paratransit Eligibility Calendar
Trapeze Ops
Parks Front Staff Calendar
Police Calendars
PHMDC Calendars
Senior Center Program Volunteer
Senior Center Calendar
Water Utility Water Supply
Vehicle Checkout