Karl van Lith

Karl is the organizational Development and Training Officer for the City of Madison. He is responsible for managing the Cityís overall quality improvement program, organization development, strategic direction, performance management, employee development and training initiatives. Prior to his position with the City, he worked at Promega Corporation for eight years and was a member of the initial core team of individuals who help Promega get ISO certification. Karl has had over 15 years of diverse experience in human resource management, quality improvement and training.

Guion (Guy) VanRensselaer

Guy has been with Organizational Development and Training since 1994. His areas of expertise are customer service and satisfaction, conflict resolution, strategic planning, leadership development and process improvement. He is also an instructor for the University of Wisconsinís Certified Public Manager program. He assisted in establishing the Cityís Supervisory Academy, the Leadership Without Authority Program, the Leadership Development program and the Framework for Excellence for the City of Madison.

P.J. White

PJ coordinates, contracts, and organizes the training and instructors for the workshops/classes established with Organizational Development and Training. She also trains employees on various computer programs. She is responsible for managing the Tuition Assistance Program with the City of Madison and new employee orientation programs. She coordinates and organizes the Cityís Supervisory Academy, Leadership Without Authority Program and the Leadership Development Program. Prior to her employment with the City, she was an Executive Assistant for the Executive Director of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She organized conferences, exhibitors and registrants and worked extensively with professionals such as judges, lawyers, mediators, mental health professionals and court administrators who worked with families in conflict and abuse.