Madison Area Quality Improvement Network (MAQIN)

The Madison Area Quality Improvement Network (MAQIN - pronounced ma-kin) is a non-profit membership organization committed to helping people and organizations understand and apply methods for continuous improvement. Its mission is to promote the widespread use of quality management principles by facilitating the exchange of ideas, experience, and expertise and increasing awareness of the need for the benefits of quality management.

The City of Madison is an organizational member of MAQIN which allows all City employees access to MAQIN services including programs, workshops, special events, the Hunter Conference, discussion groups, the newsletter, meeting space and the MAQIN Resource Center.

The MAQIN Resource Center is a collection of nearly 1,000 books, videotapes, audiotapes, conference materials, magazines, and newsletters relative to quality improvement and related management and leadership issues. There is no charge to City employees for the use of the Resource Center or its materials, although there may be a charge as materials are shipped, rather than being picked up at MAQIN.

The Organizational Development & Training Office has a copy of MAQIN's Resource directory. Please feel free to stop in and look at it.You may also view information at

How to Use the Resource Center:

1. Annually review and sign an individual lending agreement.

2. Agree, among other things, to follow specified limitations:

3. Materials should be reserved by calling 277-7800 or on line at

4. Materials may be previewed by calling MAQIN to reserve both the materials and a meeting room.

5. Materials may be picked up at MAQIN between 8:00 a.m. & 4:30 p.m., M-F or shipped via UPS. Please contact MAQIN for details.

6. The Resource Center Index lists all materials and is available in the Organizational Development & Training Office, Room 302, MMB or at .

7. Resource Center tours are available by calling Pat Lund or Donna Barmore, Resource Center Coordinator at 277-7800 or emailing