Organizational Development at TeamCity

We use a trans-disciplinary, values-based approach to develop the City of Madison toward being a healthy, high-performing, and self-renewing organization that leads and manages change. There are several cornerstones to our methods:


Relationships and human well-being are at the center of everything we do. We cannot have an effective organization without engaging, supporting, respecting, and including individuals. This includes both employees and community members.

Evidence and Inquiry Based

We base our work in evidence-based theories and practices on learning, development, human behavior, and organizational effectiveness and change. We use data and gather feedback to better understand our organization and the effectiveness of our work. At the same time, we approach our work with curiosity and openness. We position ourselves as partners with those we serve, value their knowledge and lived experience, and explore challenges and opportunities together.

Open System Perspective

The City of Madison as an organization is not a fixed entity but constantly changing, a living system with subsystems that all have unique dynamics. The City is also part of the rest of our community, state, country, and world. We strive to maintain a systems perspective to understand and adjust to interdependencies, complexities of change, and the impacts (both intended and unintended) of our work and actions.

Capacity Building and Empowerment

We center the development of both people and systems in our work. Capacity building is a key component to all our services, promoting learning and change that can be sustained long‑term. Rather than create dependencies on our services, we empower others to own changes and be more effective, equitable, inclusive, and innovative.

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