Team Trainings Available Upon Request

Listed here are team trainings which Organizational Development (OD), the Department of Civil Rights (DCR), and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are partnering to offer to employees. 

If you are interested in any of these, please complete the Consultation Request Form found on the OD Consultations webpage. 

Creating Collaborative Relationships - Limited Availability

Two 2-Hour Sessions with Cyndi Wentland

In any collaborative environment, conflict is a natural and inevitable part of team dynamics. This course is designed to help folks understand that conflict is normal and to be expected in teams. Participants will learn to recognize and appreciate the various conflict styles we tend to exhibit and evaluate whether these styles help or hinder our relationships. 


  1. Explore the impact of unresolved conflicts on individuals and teams
  2. Define conflict and explore 6 of the most common workplace conflicts
  3. Create collaborative partnerships through 2-way feedback

Developing a New Way of Working

90-Minute Session with the Employee Assistance Program, EAP

Course Description Coming Soon

Giving & Receiving Feedback, Part 1 & 2 - Limited Availability

Two-90 Minute Sessions with Cyndi Wentland

Wrapped around the belief that leadership is not title based, rather action based, this two-part course is designed to equip you with the mindset and skill set to give and receive feedback in a confident and effective manner. In this highly interactive session, you will have a chance to build strong practices while engaging in a safe learning space. Bring your challenges and a growth mindset and leave with an action plan to give feedback in a focused and intentional manner.

Giving & Receiving Feedback, Part 1 & Giving & Receiving Feedback, Part 2 regular course offering pages.

Involving People in Decisions that Impact Them

3-Hour Session with Jay Winston

In today’s interconnected world, successful decision-making centers on the active involvement of those who will be impacted by that decision. As a leader, making decisions can be one of the most difficult and stressful things you can do. This interactive course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and strategies to identify, empathize, plan, and engage with those impacted by decisions. 

Through a combination of discussions, scenarios, and hands on workshops, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of involving people in decisions that impact them and learn practical techniques to effectively engage people in projects and decisions. 

Involving People in Decisions that Impact Them regular course offering page. 

Plan for a Positive Approach

2-Hour Session with Rebecca Hoyt

A thermometer measures degrees while a thermostat changes the temperature in the room.  When faced with difficult conversations and communication challenges, do you know how be a thermostat?

Communication challenges influence group dynamics and effect how well a group is able to serve the community.  This training is designed to support participants in fostering connection and rapport when faced with challenging interactions.  This transformative justice and trauma-informed approach to communication will help you develop stronger relationships, trust, and ensure residents are served equitably.  

Participants will learn practical skills for engaged and effective communication, ways to approach difficult conversations, and how to resolve communication barriers and de-escalate when challenging behaviors arise. 

Values-Based Leadership 

3-Hour Session with Jay Winston

Part 1 - VBL: Before we lead others, we must first learn to effectively lead ourselves. For many, our personal values affect what we think and how we behave. This highly reflective and interaction course explores the four principles of Values-Based Leadership- self-reflection, balance and perspective, true self confidence, and genuine humility- to help learners lead from their values while remaining curious and open to the values and experiences of others. 

This course is bound to grow your leadership from any position and is excellent for people at all levels of leadership.

Part 2 - Putting VBL into Action:  Are you ready to demonstrate VBL behaviors yet aren’t sure where to start? Join us for an immersive workshop, "Values-Based Leadership in Action."

Building upon the foundational principles introduced in our first training, this workshop is designed for hands-on application and skill development. Through interactive exercises and role-playing, participants will delve deeper into what Values-Based Leadership (VBL) behaviors look like and sound like in practice, gaining practical insights and techniques for real-world leadership scenarios.

Values-Based Leadership regular course offering page.

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