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The City of Madison Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development is working with the City of Fitchburg, Town of Madison, Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and elected officials, interested residents, businesses and stakeholders to develop a 10-15 year plan for the Arbor Hills-Leopold Neighborhood Plan study area.

The City of Madison Common Council adopted the Final Draft Plan on September 03, 2013, by Enactment #RES-13-00688, File ID #30378. The plan will be published later in the year and posted to this webpage. Please see the Status Update in the box at the right for further information.

Please send comments or questions to: Linda Horvath, Planning Division, MMB 215 MLK JR BLVD, Madison WI 53701-2985; or email to The Final Draft Plan is being presented to City Committees, Commissions and Boards for review and approval.

The study area includes Madison's well-established neighborhoods of Arbor Hills and Leopold, a residential enclave and commercial area in north Fitchburg, and commercial lands immediately north of the West Beltline Highway, located in the Town of Madison and City of Madison. The study area is bounded by the U.W. Arboretum on the north and west, High Ridge Trail on the south, and Fish Hatchery Road on the east.

2011-1013 Arbor Hills Leopold Neighborhood Plan Public Participation and Outreach

Neighborhood plans are prepared with input from residents, the business community and major stakeholders. Many public input opportunities have been built into the planning process to ensure that we understand the needs and wants of the diverse population living in the planning area, including community wide public input sessions, stakeholder interviews, guest appearances at public activities, and organized meetings. We have received input from many residents and stakeholders during the planning process, with some of the comments differing in what changes to support within the neighborhood.

Project Leaders

Stakeholders: A group of approximately 50 stakeholders is guiding plan policy decisions by participating at key points in the process to review drafts and provide input. The group includes public officials, neighborhood association leadership, business representatives, community organization representatives, school representatives and City staff.

Project Leaders: The City of Madison Planning Division is leading facilitation of the Arbor Hills-Leopold Neighborhood Plan process with a Project Team. The Project Team is working with the Town of Madison and City of Fitchburg to host public outreach activities and events and intergovernmental coordination meetings as indicated above.

City Staff Team: A City Staff Team comprised of representatives from the cities of Madison and Fitchburg, the Town of Madison, and the Madison Metropolitan School District has met so far to provide background information and resources, data, review, and feedback on plan drafts, and to develop implementation strategies that will be coordinated with City agency budgets.

The success of the plan will be contingent upon the involvement of residents. Contact us to be part of the Arbor Hills Leopold Neighborhood Plan process.