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Neighborhood Planning Councils

- History

- Map

Eastside Planning Council

1202 Williamson Street, Unit 1
Madison, WI 53703

Tel: 608-204-0834

Web: www.madisoneastside.org

South Metropolitan Planning Council

Arvin K. Strange, Executive Director
2300 South Park Street, Suite 107
Madison, WI 53713

Tel: 608-819-8549

Email: smpc@southmadison.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/southmetroplanning

Northside Planning Council

2702 International Lane, Suite 203
Madison, WI 53704

Tel: 608-661-0060
Fax: 608-661-0064

Email: director@NorthsidePlanningCouncil.org

Newsletter: editor@northsidenews.org

Web: www.northsidemadison.org