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Last update Thursday, November 16, 2023

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Neighborhood Contacts
Neighborhood Contact Person(s): Jennifer Ondrejka, jrnassoc@gmail.com
Lynn Wiskowski, lwiskowski62@gmail.com

Neighborhood Association Meetings
Neighborhood Association Meeting: Place: Several locations, ZOOM option. Contact JRNA to confirm meeting date, location, and time.
Date: Second Tuesday of the month
Time: 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Please contact neighborhood association to confirm meeting date, location, and time.

Profile, Statistics and Indicators
Neighborhood Description: Junction Ridge was created on farmland about 25 years ago. The UW Agricultural Research Station still occupies about a quarter of the neighborhood, but it is now surrounded by traditional single-family homes, condos, apartments, and several assisted living options at the Attic Angel Community. Over 20 acres of park and prairie anchor the neighborhood. The park has a playground, a basketball court, a picnic shelter, and the “Neighborhood Oasis”, a patio with seating, surrounded by perennial gardens. The Association is working to add more perennial gardens and to convert one of the “no mow” areas in the park to a prairie. The large prairie in the green space, with its retention ponds,is a lovely place to look at native plants and wildlife. People also enjoy walking through the Ag Station to see the new species of flowers and vegetables that are studied each year. Junction Ridge residents can walk to a grocery store, a drugstore, a Target, and many specialty stores in the shopping areas along Junction Road and Old Sauk Road. The restaurants range from national chains to casual eating to fine dining. Whether you take Madison Metro or drive, you are only 20 minutes from downtown. In the other direction, a 10-minute drive takes you into a rural area with the Pope Farm Conservancy and Town of Middleton parks.
Neighborhood Boundaries: Madison/Middleton City limits on the north, West Beltline Highway on the east, Commerce Drive to Watts Road to S. Junction Road to Mineral Point Road on the south, and Pleasant View Road on the west
Neighborhood Statistics Indicators: The Neighborhood Indicators Project is a demonstration of key characteristics and various indicators that relate to the quality of life in Madison at the neighborhood level. Basic neighborhood information as well as housing, public safety, health and family well-being, economic, and transportation indicators by neighborhood is available.
Neighborhood Events: March: Annual meeting; April: Earth Day--samples, demonstrations, information, volunteering; July: Independence Day Parade; August: Annual Picnic; September: Multi-Cultural Festival; October: Halloween “Piñatas in the Park”. Other programs and social events are scheduled throughout the year.

Neighborhood Communications
Newsletter: Junction Ridge News
Jennifer Ondrejka, jmondrejka@gmail.com
Amy Schultz, jrnassoc@gmail.com
Web Page: https://www.jrna-madison.org/

Plans and Publications
City Plans: Junction Ridge Neighborhood Development Plan (September 1990, Amended July 7, 1992)
Junction Neighborhood Development Plan (Amendment July 2018)
Publications: None
Historic Districts: None
TIF Districts: None
Urban Design Districts: None

Governmental Officials
Madison Alderperson:
Dane County Supervisor:
State Representative:
State Senator:

Facilities and Services:
Community Centers
Fire Stations: Fire Station #2 (421 Grand Canyon Drive)
Library: Alecia Ashman Library (733 North High Point Road)
Neighborhood Resource Team:
Parks and Open Space:
Junction Ridge Park
Police Districts:
Polling Place:
Public Schools: Elementary School Attendance Area 32
Stephens Elementary School (120 S Rosa Rd)
Middle School Attendance Area 245
Jefferson Middle School (101 S Gammon Rd)
High School Attendance Area 145
Memorial High School (201 S Gammon Rd)