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Neighborhood Association Newsletter Contacts, Addresses, and Phone Numbers
(Last update Monday, August 24, 2020)

Allied Dunn's Marsh
Allied Community Newsletter
Alice Howard, 2106 Red Arrow Trail Apt 9

Arbor Hills Neighborhood Association
Arbor Hills Newsletter

Bay Creek Neighborhood Association
Bay Creek Bulletin
sara richards, 710 Spruce Street
Kirk Elliot, 255 Van Deusen St

Brentwood Village Association
Brentwood Village Association Newsletter

Burke Heights Neighborhood Association
Jessi Alter

Burr Oaks Neighborhood Association
Burr Oaks Neighborhood News

Capitol Neighborhoods
Currently None

Carpenter-Ridgeway Neighborhood Association
Carpenter/Ridgeway Quarterly
Rachel Cefalu, 1305 Carpenter Street

Cherokee Park Neighborhood Association
Cherokee Park Neighborhood E-Newsletter via Listserv
Cherokee Park Neighborhood Association, PO Box 8452

Country Grove Neighborhood Association
Country Grove Neighborhood Newsletter
Sue Golden, 7218 Countrywood Ln

Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association
Carole Kantor Editor, 2305 Keyes Av

Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Association
Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood E-News
Mary Mullen, 4337 Milford Rd

East Bluff Homeowners Association
Views from East Bluff
Jackson Foote, 309 East Bluff

East Buckeye Neighborhood Association
East Buckeye News
Claudia Riedel, 5821 Oxbow BND

Eastmorland Community Association
Hi! Neighbor
Patrick Soukup, 3717 Dawes

Elvehjem Neighborhood Association
Elvehjem Echo (All content and advertising due the 15th of the month prior to publication.)
Dan Collins, PO Box 14625

Dennis Halterman, 706 Cone Flower St

Indian Springs Neighborhood Association
Indian Springs Neighborhood Newsletter

Junction Ridge Neighborhood Association
Junction Ridge News
Jennifer Ondrejka, 8414 Elderberry Rd
Lynn Wiskowski

Kennedy Heights Neighborhood Association
From the Heights - http://www.khcommunitycenter.org/Newsletter.html
Patrina White, 199 Kennedy Heights
Tamika Cooper

Lake Edge Neighborhood Association
The Lake Edge News
LENA Newsletter Editor, P.O. Box 14102

Leopold Neighborhood Association
Leopold Newsletter
Erv Bendorf, 2520 Greenway View

Madison West Neighborhood
Facebook: www.facebook.com/madwestna/
Joseph Ryan, 7221 W. Valhalla Way

Majestic Oaks Neighborhood Association
Majestic Oaks Neighborhood News
News Editor

Mendota Hills Neighborhood Association
Mendota Hills Neighborhood Association Newsletter
Susan Hill, 1117 Glendale Ln

Monona Bay Neighborhood Association
Bay Times
Greg Kopish
Mary Berryman-Agard, 133 S Brittingham Pl

Nakoma League
Under the Oaks

North Star Neighborhood Association (formerly McClellan Park)
MPNA Newsletter
Kathryn Premo Mingione , PO Box 8725
Barbara Davis, PO Box 8725

Oakbridge Community Neighborhood Association
Oakbridge Neighborhood News
Abigail Darwin, 26 Stonehedge Ct

Parkwood Hills Community Association
Paige Verhelst, PO Box 56134
Jason Verhelst

Parkwood Village Homeowners Association
Newsletter Available on Website
Mary Glauner, Mary Glauner

Prairie Hills Neighborhood Association
Prairie Hills Annual Newsletter

Regent Neighborhood Association
Regent Neighborhood Association News
Mary Sarnowski, PO Box 5655

Sauk Creek Condominium Association
Sauk Talk News
Cheri Carryl, P.O. Box 8154

Sauk Creek Neighborhood Association
Sauk Creek News
Karin Horler

Sherman Terrace Association
Views from the Terrace
Nathan Brelsford, 25 Sherman Ter #4
Management, 25 Sherman Ter

Sprecher East Neighborhood Association
Sprecher East Neighborhood Newsletter
Dave Lytle, 226 Golden Maple Road

Spring Harbor Neighborhood Association
Spring Harbor News
Liz Freitick, 1656 Capital Ave

Stone Meadows Neighborhood Association
Stone Meadows News
Dan Gruett

Sunset Village Neighborhood Association
The Village Voice
Liz Vowles, 633 Eugenia Ave
Clark Kellogg, 206 Falles Ct

Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association
Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association Newsletter
Patty Prime, 1423 E Johnson St
Bob Shaw, 917 E Dayton St

Truax Neighborhood Association
Center Points
c/o East Madison Neighborhood Center, 8 Straubel Ct

University Apartments Assembly
Eagle Heights Newsletter
Editor, Eagle Heights Newsletter, 611 Eagle Heights

University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association
University Hill Farms
Mary Whitcomb, 230 Carillon Dr
Jacki Lawton, 6 S Eau Claire Ave

Vilas Neighborhood Association
Vilas Ink
Pat Scheckel

Westchester Gardens Neighborhood Association
In and Around the Park
Beth Sweeney, 3314 Old Gate Rd

Westhaven Trails Homeowners Assoc
Westhaven Trailblazer
Kevin Gerber, 2913 Tucson Trl

Westmorland Neighborhood Association
Westmorland Courier Newsletter
Beth Erlandson

Wexford Crossing Condominium Association
Wexford Crossing Times
Jan Byrne Condo Management Assoc, PO Box 44660
Andrew Khitsun, 7474 Old Sauk Road

Wexford Village Homes Association
Wexford Watch
Troy Dreyer
Brianna Wolbers

Worthington Park Neighborhood Association
Worthington Park Neighborhood Newsletter