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The Southwest Neighborhood Plan (pdf 20,950 kb) and Resolution (pdf 86 kb) was introduced to the Madison Common Council on November 20, 2007. Eleven Boards and Commission, click here for the schedule (pdf 12 kb), will review the Plan prior to final adoption. The Southwest Neighborhood Plan is tentatively scheduled for final adoption at the January 8, 2008 Common Council meeting.

The Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development has been working with the Southwest Neighborhood Steering Committee and interested residents, businesses, and stakeholders to develop a 5-10 year plan for the Southwest Neighborhoods Area. The planning process started in November 2006 and was completed in October 2007.

The planning area includes the well-established neighborhood areas of Greentree, Meadowood, Orchard Ridge, Park Ridge and Prairie Hills. The Southwest Neighborhood Planning area is bounded by Mineral Point Road on the north, South Whitney Way on the east, Raymond Road on the south, and McKenna Boulevard and South Gammon Road on the west. Additionally, the planning area includes the Balsam Road area that lies directly south of Raymond Road and Park Ridge area that lies directly east of South Gammon Road and south of Schroeder Road. Planning efforts were primarily focused on the residential areas lying south of Schroeder Road.

The success of the plan will be contingent upon the involvement of residents. Contact your district alderperson or respective neighborhood association to be part of the team to implement the Southwest Neighborhood Plan recommendations.

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