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Madison's neighborhoods are the building blocks that make our community strong.  As a city, it is vital for us to form partnerships with neighborhoods to continually enhance the assets of their areas. We recognize the important role neighborhoods play in developing a vision and how this helps guide decisions that are made by the City.

Neighborhood associations provide many opportunities for people to work together at the grassroots level on initiatives that directly benefit their own neighborhood and strengthen the entire community. More than 120 neighborhood associations are engaged in daily efforts to build better neighborhoods in Madison.  Our City workforce, from Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Parks to Planning, work with our neighborhood leaders to engage, build, and move forward for the betterment of their neighborhoods.


What We Do

The Neighborhood Planning, Preservation, and Design Section offers neighborhood planning services, training, and neighborhood-improvement opportunities. Our staff focuses on four key areas:


  • Planning

Facilitate and support neighborhood-based planning and the development of neighborhood plans that address neighborhood strategic issues.

  • Neighborhood Association Recognition and Development

Inform residents on how to start-up neighborhood associations, provide organizational and technical information to strengthen existing neighborhood associations, and coordinate capacity building and technical workshops for neighborhood leaders.

  • Neighborhood Investment

Provide neighborhood leadership training and grant funds to engage residents and/or to physically improve neighborhoods. 

  • Navigate City Processes

Provide direction on whom and how to advocate for neighborhood development, planning and improvement projects. 


Who We Work With
The Madison Neighborhood Program works with neighborhood-based organizations throughout Madison, primarily
neighborhood associations, homeowners’ associations, resident associations, and planning councils.  We often work with neighborhood business associations or other neighborhood-focus groups that are working to make a better place for people to live, shop, and play.  All in all, we believe people, activities, and projects in neighborhoods add to the vitality of the place. 


Contact Us

Years of experience in working with Madison neighborhoods has brought a wealth of information to our planning team. We will work with you to provide information, direct you to other city staff, or hook you up with neighborhood residents across our community that have worked on similar issues, programs, or projects.


Jule Stroick




Linda Horvath




We have plenty of other city staff from other city agencies that work with neighborhood associations all of the time! Check out the programs and services that are of interest to your group.