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Penn Park

Penn Park
Address: 2101 Fisher St.
Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type: Neighborhood
Acres: 7.35
Restroom: Yes
Drinking Water: Yes

Park Details

Penn Park, on Madison's south side, is home to the Southside Raiders Football Club and Southside Raiders Cheerleading Squad.  Penn Park, located across the street from the Boys and Girls Club features a large playground and basketball courts. 

Alcohol is prohibited in this park.  For more information, see the Madison General Ordinance 8.24. In order to have alcohol in this park, you must have an alcohol permit, which may be obtained through the Parks Administrative Office.

The parking lot at Penn Park is closed during the winter season.

Park Highlights

Gaga Ball Pit - New in 2021

A couple of years ago a park patron suggested we install a gaga pit. Quite honestly this was the first we'd heard of the game. But with a little research and talented and resourceful staff, Madison now has a Gaga Ball Pit at Penn and Olbrich parks! It's a BYOB - bring your own ball and similar to dodgeball but with a little less force! Perfect for children. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Learn more about the game and rules

gaga at penn

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