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West District Landscaping

May 20, 2013 11:31 AM

Over the years the West Police District has been open, the landscaping and prairie around the station have improved significantly.  This is largely due to the dedication and hard work of three volunteer master gardeners: Dale Meyer, Victoria Woodward and Ann Windell.  Dale, Vickie and Ann have been watering, planting, weeding, trimming and caring for the WPD grounds every season for the past decade.  They have helped transform our station into an inviting place for visitors, and have played a big part in creating a comfortable environment around the station for officers to leave and return to each shift

For the past few years, these efforts have received a big boost in the early spring, thanks to Blackhawk Church's "Love Madison" volunteer project.  A few weeks ago, nearly 60 volunteers descended on the West District to assist with some serious spring clean-up in the prairie and in the beds around the building and parking lot.  The group was able to get an amazing amout of work done in three hours on a Sunday morning. This annual visit by Blackhawk Church's volunteers has helped tremendously and we can't thank them enough for returning each spring.

The efforts of Dale, Vickie and Ann have been especially appreciated by all of us throughout the years, and we hope that if you stop by the station, you take a minute to enjoy their work.



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