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February 13, 2017 4:52 PM

At the West District, we have an intern, Meg Volgren who has been tasked with developing employee profiles on everyone at the West District that would like to participate.  Today's blog profiles Officer Krista Luedtke, she is a day shift officer who rides sectors 104-105 normally.  This areas boundaries are Whitney Way on the west side and Seminole Hwy on the east side with Fitchburg as the south boundary and the Beltline as the north boudary.

            Krista has been with the Madison Police for 19 years and currently works as a patrol officer.  Entering into the department straight out of college, Krista first got her experience in law enforcement from working in security for UW Police.  The West Side has long been home to Krista, who grew up on this side of Madison.  The district is also enjoyable for Krista other than its familiarity because of the people she works with, particularly her co-workers.  Krista enjoys being a police officer because she prefers being out and engaging with the community, which allows her to see something new every day.   When not at work, Krista enjoys being outdoors; she participates in triathlons, including running the Madison Iron Man.  Krista also enjoys spending time with her son, camping, and gardening.  Because of her interest in the outdoors, if Krista could vacation anywhere she would prefer Banff, Canada to visit the mountains and the lakes, though she would also enjoy visiting Greece to see the beaches and ocean. 

Off. Luedtke

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