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Buttercup thanks Officers Cummings and Acker

April 7, 2017 7:39 AM

Officers Cummings and Acker responded to an alarm at a residence on the far west side of Madison.  With the strong wind, the door was blown open, which set off the alarm.  They checked the house and this mature, rescued, Golden Retriever named "Buttercup" greeted them at the door.  After they cleared the home, they found nothing in disorder,  it was simply an open door with no intruders. 


 While they were there, the dog desparately wanted to go outside to "do its business".  The timing was impeccable as the homeowner called home to see what was going on, not knowing Officers were inside.  The Officers connected with the homeowner and explained there was not an intrusion; however their dog clearly wanted to go outside.  The homeowner granted permission and the dog-loving Officers ensured the dog was relieved outside.  The Officers exclaimed "Accident Prevention 101".    They waited for "Buttercup" to do her business and left after securing the house.  For the appreciation of such service and going "above and beyond" the homeowner brought Officer a "buttercup" sheet cake.  Nice work Officers Cummings and Acker!!!


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