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The MPD needs your help to stop the gun violence

July 18, 2017 8:00 PM

A short while ago, another shooting occurred in the Mount Vernon Court area during daylight hours with citizens outside enjoying the warm weather.  At this point, it appears as though a group of young males were shooting at another male who was on foot.

I wish I could say that was all that happened, and even that would be extremely unacceptable.

The rest of the story is that one of those stray bullets that was fired, almost killed a woman tonight, who watching her small grandchild in the bedroom.  As she was laying on her bed, the bullet entered her bedroom wall, went through her headboard, through the pillow and through the closet door.  The responding officer found it incredible that she was not hit. 

This is the second incident of gun violence in less than 2 weeks in the same general area, in which innocent citizens minding their own affairs were almost killed.  Again, extremely unacceptable.  We can not allow this violence to continue in our fine city.  This is the type of thing you read about but think, "It can never happen here"  but it is happening, it is happening to our brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends.  This is big city type of  violence and we can't allow it to take root here.

Someone knows who did this.  We need your help in finding the suspects and holding them accountable for their actions.  We need to take a stand and not allow ourselves to be intimidated by these criminals. We need to feel safe in our homes and in this community.  Please call Crimestoppers with any tips related to this heinous crime at 266-6014, you can remain anonymous. 

Thank you.



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