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West District Blotter

BOLO Purse Snatcher

December 27, 2017 11:42 AM

We have recently had at least 3 incidents of purse snatchings on the west side.  These have been occurring in business parking lots with female victims. 

Ideas to prevent purse thefts are as follows:

  1. Leave your purse at home, carry cash or credit cards in your pocket (they can't steal what you don't have!)
  2. Carry very little cash with you
  3. Stay in well lit, busy areas
  4. Keep your purse tight to your body
  5. Eyeball what is going on around you
  6. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PURSE UNATTENDED, in the shopping cart or the car

If your purse is stolen, cancel all credit cards immediately!

 Please have situational awareness on what is going on around you and remember to report all suspicious activity! 


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