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Don't be surprised

September 5, 2018 9:02 AM

I am reading another case on the west side where someone left an unlocked vehicle in their driveway and in the middle of the night, someone entered the vehicle and opened the garage door with the opener from the unlocked vehicle.  They then went inside the home and stole things while the homeowner was alseep.

We have officers out every night trying to catch these suspects but they are very random in their activities and move all over the city.  We do have officers who will wake people up in the middle of the night reminding them to close their garage doors.  This week, a Sgt. who was patrolling a neighborhood that had been recently hit hard by theft drove around and found several open garage doors in the middle of the night.    So, don't be surprised if an officer rings your doorbell at night and reminds you to close your garage door. 

We are doing what we can to prevent crime in YOUR neighborhood but we need your help!


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