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West District Blotter

Message from the Detective Lieutenant

April 24, 2019 3:39 PM



Warmer weather is upon us and we are all excited for Spring. Continue to be good neighbors by keeping a watchful eye out for your own personal property and those that live in your neighborhood. Please continue to report suspicious and/or criminal behavior.

Over the holiday weekend, we in the West District, received numerous reports of Criminal Damage to Property. It appears that an SUV style vehicle was reportedly driving around numerous far west-side neighborhoods, smashing mailboxes and even a Little Free Library. The suspects likely were using a hammer to cause all of this damage.  We appreciate those who have reached out to us via self-report and encourage everyone to continue reporting criminal activity such as this.

I know this sounds like old news, but we are again seeing an uptick in stolen automobiles, and entry into unlocked automobiles.  We are all guilty of leaving our cars unlocked from time-to-time. The persons committing these crimes are taking credit cards, computers, wallets, backpacks. If you have been victimized, we are sympathetic and appreciate your reports. If this should unfortunately happen to you, please know that we want to hear from you. Sometimes victims are asked to contact self-report. We want you to know that your complaint doesn't go unheard. These cases can be hard to prove, and should this ever happen to you, please take the time to alert financial institutions if personal credit cards, debit cards, or checks are ever stolen.  Sometimes we are able solve these cases when persons use stolen credit cards, or cash stolen checks after they have been taken from a victim's automobile – so we encourage you to keep us updated if you have already made a report and later learn that your financials were also compromised.

The persons committing these crimes are taking advantage of your personal property and we care very much about your overall sense of security. If someone enters your car or home – it is not your fault, but we do certainly encourage everyone to take extra steps to try and remember to lock cars, garages, and doors.  Summer nights are wonderful and with the hustle and bustle of life we understand that it is easy to forget. Perhaps a small reminder posted at your door will help all to make sure we double check at the end of the evening, before bed, that all doors are locked. We want for everyone to be safe!

Thank you

Lt. Gregory Esser


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