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Blackhawk Church Serves Up Some Mulch at WPD!

May 23, 2022 12:41 PM

Yesterday, Love Madison came by West PD and lifted our hearts! 

Love Madison is a service event through Blackhawk church that brings members and their friends into the community to engage in service projects and build relationships with others. We are so grateful that they headed over to West PD to spread some much needed mulch to make our already beautiful flower beds even prettier! 

We are so lucky to have gardening volunteers (shout out to Sharon Schwarz and Phil Luedtke!) that tend to our green spaces and so very thankful that others from the community take time from their schedules to come out to help and visit! 

After a particularly challenging week, it was so very nice to come and see the lovely flower beds this morning. We are so thankful for community partnerships and so grateful for the work being done to build them. 

Hard At Work!
Hard At Work!












Taking A Quick Break!
Taking a Quick Break!
Happy Officers!
Happy Officers!


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