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Bring on October!

September 29, 2023 10:25 AM

Hi all, hope this finds you well. I know it is hard to believe (since I still see 80's in the forecast) but...winter is coming! I love it when it gets colder. I don't know if it is the chill in the air, the death of mosquitoes, or being on the cusp of the holiday season that does it for me, but it really is my favorite time of year. 

What I don't love, however, is the seat in my car that awaits me every brisk morning. The temptation is always there to go outside and warm it up prior to me getting into it so that my commute is nice and cozy. I know many of us make the choice to venture out and do this each morning. Some of us, however, will make this choice and then come out of our house holding our coffee mugs only to find that our car is no longer in the spot where we left it. And now someone else is enjoying the warm seat and the defrosted windows and you are awaiting a visit from a police officer. And your coffee is getting cold.

As the cold weather approaches, I just want to take the opportunity to remind you to think about safety. Lock your vehicles, lock your house, keep your garage door closed, keep your keys away from your vehicle when you are not in it, don't leave valuables unsecured that you can't bear to part with and please, please do not leave firearms in your vehicle. Did I say please enough?

Be a good neighbor. Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior on your street.

Here is another plug for the good neighbor project:

It works and you get to meet your neighbors. Who knows, they might become your new best friends.

Happy Autumn everyone!

Captain Beckett

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