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Elver Park Fireworks

June 30, 2014 3:08 PM

The City of Madison will host a fireworks event this Thursday, July 3, at Elver Park.  A few reminders for those planning to attend:

  • Free parking is available in the Elver Park lot.  However, those parking in the lot will not be allowed to leave for about 20-30 minutes after the event.
  • Remember that no alcohol, grilling or fireworks are allowed in the park.
  • Some side streets in the area have temporary parking restrictions.
  • At about 9pm, McKenna Boulevard will be closed to vehicular traffic from Raymond Road to Schroeder Road.  The closure will last until about 30 minutes after the fireworks have ended.
  • The fireworks should start around 9:30pm.  Those attending should plan on extra time to find parking, etc.

MPD will have a number of officers assigned to the park and surrounding area.  Enjoy the show!


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