Here are some questions and answers from the most recent webinar and live training sessions. Questions may be submitted to

Can we get a handout for this training session? Yes, it is available here.

I've now waited several minutes at the end of the recorded seminar to confirm that you know I have viewed it. Still nothing. I’m hoping you can credit my participation.  You’ll receive credit (and payment) for watching the webinar when you check the webinar box on the Election Day payroll sheet. Your Chief Inspector will have an oath of office for you to sign at your polling place on Election Day.

Will a replay of the webinar be available, and does watching the replay meet our training requirement?  Yes, it is available here.

When are we going to go exclusively to ExpressVote?  We do not plan to go exclusively to ExpressVote.

What should we do if a voter refuses to say their name and address aloud? State Statute 6.79(2)(a) and 6.79(3)(a) require that the voter state their name and address in order to receive a ballot. If a voter does not state their name and address loud enough for the observers to hear it, the election officials need to repeat the name and address for the observers.

The City Assessor’s website can be helpful for voters who need to prove their address. Yes, property owners can look up their property assessment at This is a government document.


Do we just ignore the fact that a license address does not match the poll book? We aren’t even comparing the address on a voter’s ID to the address on the poll book. All we are checking for voter ID is that the ID is an acceptable type of voter ID, the expiration date is OK, the name reasonably conforms to the name on the poll book, and the photo reasonably resembles the voter.


How do we know if our ward has multiple school districts? Wards 1, 8, 21, 24, 26, 38, 90, 96, 100, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, and 110 have multiple school districts. The color of the poll book and voter slips will match the color of the ballots for the majority of voters in the ward. Voters in the secondary school district will have their ballot style or voter registration number on the poll book highlighted by the Clerk’s Office to match the color of the ballots for that school district. You will have a highlighter of the same color in your supply kit so you can make a mark on the voter slip, letting the officials at the ballot table know that this voter needs a ballot for that school district. Whenever you have a school district split in a ward, we recommend verifying the school district with the voter at the time you are handing the ballot to the voter. If the voter doesn’t realizes the school district is wrong until after their ballot has been counted, that is too late for us to correct the problem.


Can we joke at the polls about Russians hacking the election? Please don’t. Our job is to protect the integrity of the election, and that is no joking matter.