Here are some questions and answers from the most recent webinar and live training sessions. Questions may be submitted to

I've now waited several minutes at the end of the recorded seminar to confirm that you know I have viewed it. Still nothing. I’m hoping you can credit my participation.  You’ll receive credit (and payment) for watching the webinar when you check the webinar box on the Election Day payroll sheet. Your Chief Inspector will have an oath of office for you to sign at your polling place on Election Day.

Does the webinar meet the training requirement for the February 20 Primary?  Yes, it does.

How do we know that someone is actually a citizen and allowed to vote?  Question nine of the voter registration form asks whether the applicant is a U.S. citizen. If someone is registered to vote, they have certified on their voter registration application that they meet all eligibility requirements.

The Yellow Light Examples slides mentions “assumptions and comments about voter sexual preferences.” Shouldn’t that say sexual orientation?  Yes. Thank you for calling a yellow light on this slide! This was copied and pasted from an e-mail message, and we should have read it more carefully!

Will a replay of the webinar be available, and does watching the replay meet our training requirement?  Yes, it is available here.

If a person is working at one of election sites, can they vote at that site or do they have to vote at their assigned location?  Voters can only cast ballots at the polling place for where they live. Many poll workers vote absentee by mail if they are assigned to work at a polling place other than their own. You can request one online at Another option is to cast an “in-person” absentee ballot at the Clerk’s Office, any City Library, Streets East or at UW and Edgewood. The schedule for those locations is on our website. All absentee ballots are counted at the voter’s polling place.

When are we going to go exclusively to ExpressVote?  We do not plan to go exclusively to ExpressVote.

What can be done about incompetent poll workers who seem to return year after year?  This should be addressed through the requirement that all poll workers attend training before each election.  If there is a specific problem at your polling place, please contact the Clerk's Office so we can address it.

Is the telephone number for the Clerk's Office the same number as the Bat Phone?  No.  The phone we call the Bat Phone is used as a hotline when Special Voting Deputies are delivering absentee ballots to nursing homes.  The phone number for Election Officials to call on Election Day is 266-4220.

Why don't you have more training on the west side?  We actually are offering more training on the west side, at Meadowridge Library, than on the east, south, or north side of Madison.  If training times and locations do not work with your schedule, you might consider watching the webinar at a Madison Public Library, or attending the Board of Canvassers meeting the Friday after the election.

When will we get a W-2 form for 2017?  The forms are in the mail.