Duties and Qualifications

Citizen involvement is essential to conduct open, accurate and fair elections in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Elections Commissions has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Look for the "Election Inspector/Poll Workers" category.

Apply to be an Election Official

smiling election official at work


  • Set up the polling place
  • Verify the serial numbers on tamper-evident seals
  • Register voters
  • Record who votes
  • Issue ballots
  • Process absentee ballots
  • Monitor the election equipment
  • Complete Election Day forms
  • Close the polls
  • Tally write-in votes


  • Eligible to vote in Dane County
  • Adult U.S. citizen
  • Resident of Dane County for at least 28 days
  • Not disqualified from voting
  • Never convicted of a felony
  • Attend training before every election you work
  • Work well with multicultural populations
  • Create a welcoming polling place environment
  • Watch and abide by the Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination at the Polls training
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Speak, read, write, and understand English
  • Be capable of performing each task at the polling place
  • Perform duties in a non-partisan manner
  • Abide by state and federal election laws
  • Never engage in electioneering at the polling place
  • Treat all voters with respect
  • Treat fellow poll workers with respect
  • Treat Clerk’s Office employees with respect.
  • Be free from the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while at the polls
  • Not be a candidate for any office on the ballot for that election.
  • Regularly check e-mail for communications from the Clerk's Office
  • Refrain from spreading misinformation, disinformation, or malinformation about the election process
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