Voter ID Exceptions

Photo ID is not required for the following absentee voters:

  • Military voters
  • U.S. citizens who last resided in Wisconsin before moving to a foreign country, with no intent to return to the U.S.
  • Confidential voters
  • Voters indefinitely confined due to age, physical illness, infirmity or disability
  • Care facility residents voting absentee

Voters Confined to their Homes

Age, physical illness, infirmity or disability might confine a voter for an unspecified period of time. These voters may request absentees for all elections. They must return a ballot every election to keep their absentee status active.

These permanent absentee voters do not need to provide ID. The witness signing the absentee envelope certifies the voter’s identity.

Nursing Homes and Care Facilities

Two deputized officials deliver absentee ballots to absentee voters in care facilities. These absentee voters do not need to show ID. The Special Voting Deputies verify the identity of care facility absentee voters.

Each facility posts the dates and times Special Voting Deputies will visit. The deputies attempt to locate each absentee voter during their two visits to a facility. If they fail to connect with a voter, the Clerk's Office will mail that voter their ballot.

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