Make Sure Your Absentee Counts!

Our goal is for zero absentee ballots to be rejected at the polls.

Follow these steps to make sure your ballot is counted:

  • Read the step-by-step instruction letter that you receive with your absentee ballot.
  • Seal the envelope.
  • Sign the certificate envelope on the line marked “Voter Signature.”
  • Have your witness sign the envelope on the line marked “Witness Signature.”  It is okay if your witness is your spouse or significant other.
  • Have your witness print their name on the line marked "Witness Printed Name."
  • Have your witness write their address on the line marked "Witness Address." The printed address should include house number, street name, and city.
  • Mail your absentee ballot back to the Clerk’s Office as early as possible. The ballot must be delivered to your polling place by 8:00 pm on Election Day.
  • If you have moved, register to vote at your new address before requesting an absentee. Writing a new address on your absentee label does not update your voter registration.
  • Vote absentee at an In-Person Absentee Voting location.


Absentee ballots are rejected for the following reasons:

  • Voter did not sign absentee envelope.
  • Voter did not have witness sign absentee envelope.
  • Voter did not print name on absentee envelope.
  • Witness did not write address on absentee envelope.
  • Ballot was not delivered by Election Day.
  • Voter was not registered to vote at current address.
  • Voter did not seal absentee envelope.
  • Voter died before Election Day.
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