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Voter ID is required

Please download and refer to the following brochures for more information:

Voting in the City of Madison

(who can vote, voting absentee, voting by mail, Voter ID)

Voter ID

(who is exempt, absentee voting, obtaining an ID with or without a birth certificate, DMV info)

Voter ID information for Senior Citizens

Working at the polls: Election Officials

Confidential Voters and Voting


Obtaining a free ID for voting Infographic

Guide to obtaining photo ID:

Web page [link]

More information from the DMV about

documentation required to get an ID: [link]

If you do not have documentation required

to get an ID card, the DMV has a process

you can follow: [link]


We have new tabulating machines!

(Ballots will still be on paper)

See voter instructions for the new machines here.

See a voter instruction video here

See Chad Vader use the new machine here


follow the link:  My Vote WI

  • Check the status of your voter registration.
  • Use "Click & Mail" to update your registration (you must print out and bring to the polling place with you).
  • Find the location of the polling place for your residential address.
  • A sample ballot is available on this site close to the time of an election.



  • VOTER LISTS: Can be obtained through the Government Accountability Board at this link:


  • VOTER ELIGIBILITY: You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to vote:
    • United States Citizen
    • Age 18 or older on or by Election Day
    • Resident of the City of Madison for at least 28 days before the election
    • If convicted of a felony, have completed the terms of you sentence including probation, parole, or extended supervision


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Did you know that you can pre-register to vote at any City of Madison Library?