City of Madison

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How to get Prequalified


1.      Login or create a login

2.      Click “Licenses/Registrations” at the top of the page.

3.      Click “Apply for a License/Registration”

4.      Select “Prequalified Contractor”, then “Continue Application”

5.      Select the category(s) for the type of work you want to be prequalified for.  

·         Category A covers Street Terrace permits, limited concrete work, tree pruning, and sewer lateral inspection/cleaning.

·         Category B covers work performed under a Private Developer Agreement or Public Works contract.  This category also requires an AA plan. You can leave the AA Plan number blank on the prequalified contractor application; however, when the application is completed, repeat steps 2 & 3 and select “Affirmative Action Plan –Public Works” or “AA Plan Exemption” (if appropriate) to fill out.

·         Category C is required if you need to obtain a permit to excavate in the ROW. 

For application form information, please see Prequalification Entry Script and AAPlanInstructions.

For registration, activation, password, or other account issues please email 

For prequalification questions email
or call 608-266-4751


If your certificate of insurance or bond has expired, updated certificates can be emailed to