Land Records

Mapping and Records service reviews land record title and City of Madison records in conjunction with plans for new subdivisions, land divisions, conditional use permits, site plans, applications for building permits or any new development or redevelopment project proposed within the City of Madison.

Additionally, the Mapping and Records service reviews and coordinates public and City of Madison records in conjunction with annexations/attachments/detachments to or from the corporate boundary, acquisitions, dedication or disposal of publicly owned lands within the City, eminent domain proceedings for public improvement projects, vacation of public right of ways required for redevelopment projects, release of or creation of public easements for public facilities and the general coordination of land rights of the City of Madison.

As a byproduct of the services above, Mapping and Records coordinates the repositories of the records as they are obtained and references the documents within the City’s Official Base Map. Mapping also coordinates and/or prepares legal descriptions, provides mapping, and surveying services necessary for and of the above land record services required to support City of Madison Engineering and other City Agencies involved in the maintenance, acquisition or disposal of City of Madison real estate.

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