Referrals and Interviews for Sustainable Employment (RaISE) Program

The RaISE Program is designed to match qualified individuals to employment. All companies who contract with the City of Madison (and are non-exempt) are required to fill out an Affirmative Action Plan. There is a section in the Plan where contractors agree to:

  • Submit the job posting(s) to the Department of Civil Rights before advertising anywhere else if the job is located within Dane County.
  • Guarantee an interview for candidates referred by the Department of Civil Rights.

Individuals Interested In Seeking Employment Opportunities

Individuals are encouraged to view the RaISE Program Job Postings (PDF) to identify positions of interest, and contact one of our partnering agencies (or “Authorized Referral Agencies”) in order to review job announcements and obtain referrals.

After identifying a position(s) of interest, the individual should fill out the Client Action Form , and work with one of our partnering agencies (or “Authorized Referral Agencies”) to obtain a referral. If you meet the minimum qualifications of the job you are interested in, the referral agency will refer you to the employer, guaranteeing you an interview.

The individual must submit their employment application to the company that posted the job. Once that is complete, it is the referral from the RaISE Program that guarantees an interview.

Please note this process does not exclude applicants from any of the normal application, interviewing or hiring processes, but is designed as a service to the members of our community. All inquiries regarding the job duties, responsibilities, salary, benefits, etc. should be directed to the employer. In addition, the Affirmative Action Division suggests that applicants inquire about any other open positions with these organizations.

Note: These jobs, are not, in any way, affiliated with the City of Madison governmental job listings (go to: City of Madison Employment Opportunities).

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