Last Updated: 10/25/2022

Project Update

2021 Update:
This project is complete.

Project Overview

This project includes the construction of a three-Legged Roundabout at Felland Road and Tranquility Trail that will serve new development at the Village at Autumn Lake Subdivision. The project will include an off-street, multi-use path on the westerly-side of Felland Road with crossings through the Roundabout. The project will also include street lighting and storm sewer/culvert crossing improvements along Felland Road.

Project Limits

Felland Road will be reconstructed from around 5067 Felland Road to just south of 5128 Felland Road, including the roundabout construction at Tranquility Trail.

Project Schedule

Scheduled Construction Start: July 12, 2021-mid-October 2021

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

Feb. 15, 2021 Public Information Meeting Recording
Feb. 15, 2021 Public Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation


Fact and Details Sheet

City Meetings, Process

Transportation Commission: New information will be posted when available.
Board of Public Works: March 3, 2021
Common Council: March 16, 2021