Glenview Dr, Joylynne Dr, Woodlawn Dr

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    • 906 Glenview Drive
      Madison, WI 53716
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  • Alder District

    District 16

Project Information

UPDATE - The sanitary sewer on Glenview Drive west of 908 and 909 Glenview Drive is in good condition and the existing sewer and laterals will remain. East of 908 and 909 Glenview Drive, the City will replace existing mains and replace laterals.

Glenview Drive, Joylynne Drive, and Woodlawn Drive Reconstruction Assessment District 2018

Construction Update


Contractor is working on restoration

Project Details

The project includes public utility replacement including sanitary sewer main and laterals; water main and services; and storm sewer. Curb and gutter will be installed on Glenview and Joylynne Drive, drive aprons will be replaced, and new asphalt pavement will be constructed. On Woodlawn Drive, the existing curb will remain and the pavement will be resurfaced. No new sidewalk is proposed.

Project Limits

Glenview Drive - 400 feet north of cul-de-sac to Joylynne Dr
Joylynne Drive - Glenview Dr to Tompkins Dr
Woodlawn Drive - East intersection of Woodlawn Dr and Joylynne Dr to 350 feet south of the east intersection of Woodlawn Dr and Joylynne Dr

Public Information Meeting

A Public Information Meeting was held on Thursday March 1, 2018. A copy of the presentation and a map of the work can be found here:
Project Map

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