Last Updated: 03/30/2023

Project Update

3/14/2023 Update: 

Phase 1 Update

Hammersley Rd Resurfacing Phase 1 (Brookwood Rd to Gilbert Rd) has been awarded to the Contractor, S&L Underground. The project will begin in mid-April 2023, impacted residents will receive a construction notice and fact sheet in the mail prior to the work beginning with more specific information and contact resources.

Madison Gas & Electric will begin their gas replacement on Hammersley Rd between Whitney Way and Gilbert Rd in mid-March. Due to the location of their gas replacement, MG&E will be occupying the northern-half of the street, removing parking and shifting westbound travel to the southern-half of the street. Eastbound travel on Hammersley Rd will be closed over this stretch up until the larger City project begins, at which time Hammersley Rd (between Brookwood Rd and Gilbert Rd) will be fully closed to thru-traffic. Local access to properties directly on Hammersley Rd will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.

Phase 2 Update 

Following approval from the Board of Public Works and the Common Council, Hammersley Road Phase 2 has been fully approved and will be constructed in 2024. Residents within the Phase 2 project area will receive a construction notification prior to that work beginning.

Project Overview

The proposed resurfacing of Hammersley Rd includes the replacement of asphalt pavement, sanitary sewer main & laterals, storm sewer, and water main. In addition, the City is proposing to redesign Hammersley Rd (2023: Brookwood to Gilbert & 2024: Gilbert to Beltline) to a 24-ft wide street with 2-way traffic, removing all existing on-street parking and on-street bike lanes, and constructing an 8-10’ off-street, multi-use path (for bikes & pedestrians) on the north-side of Hammersley Rd with curb & gutter and grass terrace (of varying-width) between the path and the street (see latest proposed plan). The cost to construct the multi-use path would not be assessed to adjacent property owners and the City would be responsible for maintaining the path, including snow removal. Property owners would responsible for mowing the grass terrace between the proposed path and the street. To accommodate some on-street parking on the longest block of Hammersley between Brookwood Rd and Whitney Way, an on-street parking pocket is proposed mid-block in front of 5909 and 5905 Hammersley that would accommodate 2-3 on-street parking spots.

To provide a safe path crossing at Whitney Way, City Staff is proposing to remove the left-turn from Eastbound Hammersley Rd onto Northbound Whitney Way to allow for combining the northerly-side median islands into one larger median refuge for bikes & pedestrians. Removing the left turn shortens and straightens the path crossing, reduces potential conflict points, and in conjunction with a tall, overhead Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) provides the best possible path crossing considering the large hill to the south on Whitney Way. This design is consistent with City Policies, such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets, that prioritizes safety of all modes of transportation for all ages and abilities. Note that the left-turn from Northbound Whitney Way to Westbound Hammersley Rd would be maintained.

The proposed design on the north-side of Hammersley Rd between Brookwood Rd and Whitney Way includes an 8-8.5-ft wide asphalt path, which was narrowed slightly from previous proposals (9-ft) in order to provide a 3-ft grass terrace and stay within the existing street footprint to avoid substantial tree/grading impacts. A portion of the path over this stretch will be 8-ft wide as to not impact tree roots directly behind the existing curb. A 3-ft grass terrace provides space for relocated mailboxes, trash bins, and leaf/yard waste pick-up. The proposed design on the north-side of Hammersley Rd from Whitney Way to the Beltline Frontage Rd includes a 10-ft wide asphalt path and a 5-ft wide grass terrace.

With the proposed removal of the on-street parking lane, mail and other deliveries would continue on Hammersley Rd, although the delivery methods may change. Delivery trucks would either turn into individual driveways or temporarily block the travel lane, both of which are common scenarios throughout the City where there is no parking space available. Home Contractors will most likely need to park in individual driveways when visiting specific residences, which is also typical throughout the city.

Backyard Sanitary Sewer 
After investigation of the backyard sanitary sewer system currently serving select lots on Hammersley Rd (5718, 5714, 5710 and 5706 Hammersley Rd), the City has determined that removing that main from service and instead serving those lots from Hammersley would be impractical. Therefore, the backyard service will remain in place. Please note, if you are one of the affected lots, that this should not negatively impact your sanitary sewer service; the City will continue to maintain this service and, if necessarily, will pursue an in-situ lining rehabilitation. No further survey will be required at these lots.


There will be assessments for both phases of construction on Hammersley Rd for the resurfacing portions of the work. There will be NO assessments for work related to the installation of the off-street, shared-use path – including curb & gutter and driveway work necessary to construct the path. The assessments to fronting property owners on Hammersley Rd will consist of 50% of the cost to remove & replace concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, concrete sidewalk, and concrete curb & gutter either due to poor condition (as determined by the Construction Inspection staff) OR as needed to replace the sanitary sewer lateral to the property line. Fronting property owners will also be assessed for 50% of the cost to install new concrete sidewalk. In addition, 25% of the cost to replace and reconnect the sanitary sewer lateral from the sewer main to the property line will be assessed to property owners with replaced laterals, and 100% of the cost for private storm sewer connections will be assessed if requested by the property owner.

Project Limits

Hammersley Road Resurfacing 2023 Project: Brookwood Road to Gilbert Road

Hammersley Road Resurfacing 2024 Project: Gilbert Rd to W Beltline Frontage Road

Hammersely Map

Project Schedule

Hammersley Road Resurfacing: Phase 1 (Brookwood Rd to Gilbert Rd)

Hammersley Road Resurfacing: Phase 2 (Gilbert Rd to W Beltline Frontage Rd)

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

City Process Meetings

Hammersley Road Resurfacing: Phase 1 (Brookwood Rd to Gilbert Rd)

Transportation Commission: 01/12/2022 (Review & Feedback)

Transportation Commission: 02/23/2022 (Review & Feedback)

Transportation Commission: 03/09/20222 (Final Approval)

Board of Public Works: 04/06/2022

Common Council: 04/19/2022

Hammersley Road Resurfacing: Phase 2 (Gilbert Rd to W Beltline Frontage Rd)

Transportation Commission: 09/14/2022

Board of Public Works: 10/12/2022

Common Council: 10/25/2022


Phase 1 Board of Public Works Public Hearing Notice: Cover Letter, Fact Sheet, Notice, Assessments
Phase 1 Common Council Public Hearing Notice: Notice
Phase 1 Adopted Resolution: Cover LetterFinance Letter, Resolution, Assessments
Phase 2 Board of Public Works Public Hearing Notice: Cover Letter, Fact Sheet, Notice, Assessments
Phase 2 Common Council Pubic Hearing Notice: Notice
Phase 2 Adopted Resolution: Cover Letter, Finance Letter, Resolution, Assessments
Phase 1 Start of Construction: Cover Letter, Fact Sheet