Ice Age Junction Path / Pheasant Branch Greenway

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    • 7932 Tree Lane
      Madison, WI
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Project Information

Ice Age Junction Path (Tree Lane Segment) / Pheasant Branch Greenway (Mineral Point Rd Section Regrading)

The project includes a shared-use (bicycle and pedestrian) path that extends the existing Ice Age Junction Path from the westbound on-ramp to the Beltline at Mineral Point Road to Tree Lane.  It includes approximately 800 feet of new asphalt path along the south side of the existing greenway, adjacent to the back parking lot of the nearby shopping center.  Much of the path will be atop a new retaining wall running along the south edge of the greenway.  The new path will provide an off-street connection for the neighborhoods north of Mineral Point Road to the vast biking network now available west of the Beltline.
The other component of the project includes maintenance and improvement of the adjacent greenway.  Extensive tree removal will remove nuisance and invasive trees, and there will be re-shaping of the low-flow channel to remove accumulated sediment and provide maintenance access.  The greenway will be re-seeded with native plants suitable for floodplains.
Project construction is currently scheduled for August to November 2016
The cost estimate for the project is approximately $830,000
A Public Information Meeting was held on 3/26/15 – the presentation is attached.  presentation
The project was approved by the Board of Public Works on 7/22/2015, and by the Common Council on 8/4/2015


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