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Julia Street Resurfacing

Last Updated: 03/16/2020

Julia Street and Julia Court Resurfacing Assessment District - 2020

Project Description

The  proposed project consists of new asphalt pavement, and spot replacement of: concrete curb and gutter, drive aprons and sidewalk, as needed, and new curb and gutter is proposed to be installed on Baker Ave., within the project limits. Utility replacement will include new sanitary main and new storm sewer.  The sanitary sewer work will also include replacement of the sewer laterals from the main up to the property line for each home.  The storm sewer work will improve the drainage along the street, and will also include inlets with pipe extensions for each property owner to connect into, if they choose.  These connections could be used for private drainage needs or sump pumps.

Project Limits

Julia Street: Baker Avenue to the west end

Julia Court: Julia Street to the south end

Baker Avenue: Capital Ave. to Julia St.

Public Meetings

A public informational meeting had been scheduled for Tuesday, March 24; unfortunately, the City had to cancel this meeting due to the current public health concerns.

A public hearing on this project is currently scheduled to go before the Board of Public Works on April 22 at 5:30 PM.  Updates will be posted prior to the meeting to address how the public will best be able to participate in this hearing.