Last Updated: 03/08/2017

New City of Madison Police Station

1st Advertisement of Bids: May 05, 2017
Bid Due Date: June 16, 2017
Construction Start Date: August 2017
Completion: August 2018
Public Works Contract #7726
Proposed New Midtown Police Station

Project History:

April 19, 2016  File #42117
     Resolution passed for amending the purchase of service agreement with Engberg Anderson Architects for design services.

July 31, 2016  File #43063
     UDC (Urban Design Commission) granted final approval.

September 06, 2016  File #43844
     Resolution passed to hire Farnsworth Group for professional commissioning services

March 07, 2017  File #45744
     Resolution to enter into an Incentive Agreement with Focus on Energy