Last Updated: 09/22/2021

Project Update

9/22/2021 Update:

Path Detour Maps are now available.

Sections of the Southwest Path will be closed for resurfacing over the following dates. Path detours will be marked during construction at each section.
-          Commonwealth Avenue to Glenway Street: Monday, Sept. 27-Friday, Oct. 1

-          Odana Road to Hammersley Road (South of the Beltline): Monday, Oct. 4-Friday, Oct. 8

Sections of the Paunack Park Path will be resurfaced as well in late-September/early-October as well, update with specific schedule to come.

Path Detour Maps

Project Overview

The Southwest Path and the Paunack Park Path (part of Monona Lake Loop) will be resurfaced in various segments as needed in 2021.

Path Detour Maps

Project Limits

  • Southwest Path
    • Commonwealth Avenue to Glenway Street, including Virginia Terrace and Sheldon Street Connector paths
    • Odana Road to South Midvale Boulevard, including Parman Terrace and Council Crest Connector paths
    • South Midvale Boulevard to Beltline Highway Pedestrian Bridge, including a portion of the Hammersley Road Connector Path (North of Beltline) and Hammersley Road Connector Path (South of Beltline)
  • Portions of Paunack Park Path will be resurfaced as needed.

Project Schedule

Construction to begin late-September 2021.

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

There will be no public information meetings scheduled for this project.

City Meetings, Process

Transportation Commission: Oct. 28, 2020
Board of Public Works: May 19, 2021
Common Council: June 1, 2021