Last Updated: 02/19/2018

UPDATE: More information regarding the second public meeting is available. See details below.

Project Description
The City of Madison is proposing to reconstruct a portion of Winnebago St. and Linden Ave. in 2018. Work on Winnebago St. between Second St. and Bashford Ave. will include replacement of utilities and replacement of the curb and pavement; work on Linden Ave. between Winnebago St. and Rusk St. will include replacement of the utilities and pavement, but most of the curb is planned to remain. The project will also include some utility work down Atwood Ave. between First St. and Second St., but the pavement in this area will only be patched in the areas that the utility work is completed.

This portion of Winnebago St. is currently 48 ft. wide, with a travel lane, bike lane, and parking lane in both
directions, and approximately a 3 ft. terrace on both sides. Due to significant grade differences, a portion of
the southeasterly side terrace has walls and railings adjacent to the sidewalk. Potential options for
reconstructing Winnebago Street include:

  • Narrowing the travel lanes by 1 ft. each, making the total street width 46 ft., while maintaining all of the existing lanes. Terraces would widen by approximately 1 ft. on each side.
  • Remove parking on one side, but maintain all travel and bike lanes. This option could narrow the street to 40 ft., which would widen the terraces further and improve the grade challenges more.
  • Can also consider an option that combines both of the first options: a portion of the street with all existing lanes, and another portion that has parking removed on one side.

Project Limits
Atwood Ave (Utility work only) - South First Street to South Second Street
Winnebago St - South Second Street to Bashford Avenue
Linden Ave - Winnebago Street to Rusk Street

Project Schedule

Pedestrian, Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Commission: March 27

Mail estimated assessments: April 6

Board of Public Works public hearing: April 18

Common Council public hearing: May 1

Bid project: early May

Start construction: early June

Public Information Meeting
A second Public Information Meeting was held on Tuesday February 13th. A copy of the presentation can be found here: Presentation

At this meeting, City Engineering presented two options for the reconstruction of Winnebago Street.

The first option is a 46 ft. wide street that maintains travel and bike lanes in both directions and parking on both sides of the street. This design would also include some elements for improved pedestrian safety and for traffic calming, which would require removal of parking stalls. This option would include limited terrace space such that there would not be any new tree plantings on the northwesterly side, but small tree species could be planted on the southeasterly side. A preliminary plan for option 1 can be found here: Option 1 Plan

The second option is to narrow the street to 44 ft. between Sutherland and Bashford, but the 46 ft. width (Option 1) would be installed between Second and Sutherland. The 44 ft. width would provide travel lanes in both directions and buffered bike lanes in both directions – a 2 ft. painted buffer would be marked between the bike lane and the travel and parking lanes. This option would allow for parking on only one side of Winnebago between Sutherland and Bashford, but the parking would remain on the side with the most stalls available. Also, a switch in sides with parking would provide for some traffic calming effects. A preliminary plan for option 2 can be found here: Option 2 Plan

A Public Information Meeting for this project was held on Wednesday, January 10th. A copy of the presentation and exhibits can be found here:
Option 1 Plan
Option 2 Plan