Garner Park

Garner Park
Address: 333 S. Rosa Rd.
Hours: 4:00am - 10:00pm
Park Type:> Community
Acres: 41.83
Restroom: Yes
Drinking Water: Yes

Park History

In 1965, the City rightfully acquired the forty acres that would later become Garner Park. Previously, the University of Wisconsin had owned the property, and its College of Agriculture had been using the land for purposes of experimental farming. While purchasing the land, the Madison Board of Park Commissioners resolved to name the new park in honor of the respected Alderman and Colonel, Harrison L. Garner, who retired that very year after thirty-five years of service with the City Council. Garner enlisted in the Army in 1906 and went on to become a full colonel in 1942, his duty with the Army spanning a total of forty years. In 1970, Col. Garner donated one hundred shares of United States Steel common stock as an endowment to the City of Madison so that youth programs and play equipment could be provided at the park. Also in 1970, Commissioners approved plans for a shelter to be constructed at Garner. Six years later, the Garner facility designed by Stuart William Gallaher was completed and won first prize in a national competition of new park facilities for which it had been submitted. To this day, the building remains the only one of its kind in the Madison park system.

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