Burr Jones Shoreline Steel Seawall Removal

Project Details

  • Location

    • 1820 E Washington Avenue
      Madison, WI 53704
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  • Status

  • Alder District

    District 12

43.091453, -89.362703

Project Information

Project Update

10/16/2023 Update: 
Oct. 12, 2023 Public Information Meeting Recording

Project Overview

This project will remove the two deteriorating steel seawalls located along the Yahara River at Burr Jones Park. The seawalls shall be replaced with stepped stone access to the river along with glacial till and native vegetation stabilizing the river’s edge.  This property is part of the Tenney Park Yahara River Historic Parkway. Design requires approval from the Landmarks Commission, the Wisconsin State Historical Society, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Existing eastern steel seawall
Existing western steel seawall

Project Limits


Project Schedule

Design and Permitting: 2023

Public Information Meeting: October 2023

Construction: Anticipated to begin in late fall 2024.

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and will be updated when determined.

Public Information Meetings

Oct. 12, 2023 Public Information Meeting Recording

City Process, Meetings

Board of Park Commissioners: TBD

Landmarks Commission: TBD

Board of Public Works: TBD

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