Last Updated: 05/25/2021

Latest Update

5/21/2021 Update:
This project page has been created.
The Existing Conditions computer modeling begin in April 2021. Check back here to see updates on the modeling progression.

Project Overview

The City of Madison is completing a watershed study for the Upper Badger Mill Creek watershed (as shown below). This watershed is a rapidly developing watershed on the west side of the City.

The City of Madison is getting assistance from a Consultant for the effort. The watershed study will quantify existing flooding in the watershed. The study will use computer models to assist with the evaluations.  For more information please see the Flash Flooding Story Map*Note: Please view the story map using Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Story maps are not viewable with Internet Explorer.

Upper Badger Mill Creek Map

The Upper Badger Mill Creek Watershed drains south to Badger Mill Creek near Verona and then to the Sugar River.

Project Schedule

The existing conditions modeling will take approximately nine months to complete.  

Public Involvement

This watershed study will not include significant public involvement as it is only for the construction of computer models.  

Additional Resources

Report Flooding

If anyone has experienced flooding, and is willing to share with the City, please report it on the City's website. Even if a homeowner reported flooding to 2-1-1, FEMA, or a City official, the City needs standardized information to create stormwater models that show existing flooding conditions. The flood data helps the City prioritize different flood projects and future watershed studies