Course Description

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” according to management expert Ken Blanchard. For leaders at all levels, it is how we learn and grow through our experiences. For managers, it’s a critical skill for improving team performance. Feedback also helps us maintain healthy boundaries and work environments. Yet it is one of the hardest “gifts” to give and receive.
This two-part series can help you move from fear to finesse.

  • Part 1, Foundational Feedback will focus on the value of a positive feedback mindset, avoiding common pitfalls, and strategies to give effective feedback. Here's the link to register for part 1. 
  • Part 2, Intermediate Feedback will focus on ways to give feedback up, down, and sideways. We’ll also explore practices to receive feedback with gratitude and composure.

You should complete the two courses in order, but you don’t need to sign up for both parts at once. 

Learning Objectives:

Part 2:

  • Understand how assertive communication strengthens feedback
  • Learn to give feedback up, down and sideways
  • Explore practices to receive feedback with gratitude and composure

Course Materials

Course Handout: Feedback Intermediate